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Has CRYSTAL deodorant recently changed formulas?

We can assure you that the formula has not changed.  We recently updated the ingredient listing to be compliant with international labeling standards.  The ingredients that appear to have changed have just been termed correctly to comply with these standards for use in a water-based system. The formula is the exact same formula you know and love!

How should I use CRYSTAL™ deodorants for best results?

Apply CRYSTAL deodorants directly after bathing or showering. Doing so prevents the bacteria that causes odor from forming on the skin. The preventive barrier that our deodorant provides works at peak effectiveness when applied to clean skin.

Note: If you do not apply the stick or deodorant stone directly after bathing or showering, be sure to moisten the top of the rock or stick and apply generously to clean skin. CRYSTAL sprays and roll-ons do not need to be moistened, but work best when applied to clean skin.

Will CRYSTAL mineral salt deodorant reduce my sweat?

CRYSTAL is not an antiperspirant. It is a deodorant whose natural mineral salts prevent odor.

Can I use CRYSTAL on other parts of my body?

Since CRYSTAL deodorants are made of mineral salts, they are safe to use just about anywhere on the body. In addition to using on underarms, many of our customers apply to their chests, feet and inner thighs. Be sure to avoid applying to open wounds. Should a rash appear, stop using immediately and contact your doctor.

How long does a CRYSTAL mineral deodorant stick last?

A single Crystal Body Deodorant stick can last up to one year of daily use.

How long does a CRYSTAL Roll-On last?

A single Crystal roll-on will typically last up to four months of daily use.

How long does a CRYSTAL Spray last?

A single Crystal spray will typically last up to four months of daily use, comparable to other sprays on the market.

Why Magnesium in Deodorant?
  • Magnesium is a naturally occurring element used as an alternative to aluminum, baking soda, and other potentially irritating, ineffective, or harmful ingredients.
  • Creates an easy transition from conventional antiperspirant, by creating an invisible barrier to eliminate odor.
  • Provides 24-hour odor control without the mess, greasy residue, or white stains on skin and clothes.
How long will a single deodorant application prevent body odor?

A single application of a CRYSTAL deodorant should prevent body odor for up to 24 hours.

Is Crystal an antiperspirant?

No. Crystal deodorants are not antiperspirants. Antiperspirants typically contain aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium which plug the pores. Deodorants are generally considered cosmetic products because they simply control odor. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are considered drugs because they affect the body’s physiology.

Is CRYSTAL deodorant safe for infants and toddlers?

Yes. CRYSTAL deodorants are safe for people of all ages.

Is CRYSTAL safe for use by women during pregnancy?

Yes, CRYSTAL deodorants are safe to use during pregnancy.

What are Ammonium Alum and Potassium Alum?

Just because ingredients sound alike, does not mean they function the same. Case in point: Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Dioxide (water).

There are two main differences between Ammonium Alum and Potassium Alum, and Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium (the toxic aluminums). These latter toxic aluminum compounds react with the chemistry in the skin to form a gel which blocks your sweat ducts and glands and keeps you nice and dry. Instead of forming a pore-blocking gel, Ammonium Alum and Potassium Alum are large molecules of natural minerals that stay on the surface of the skin where it prevents body odor from occurring in the first place.

Is CRYSTAL packaging environmentally responsible?

Yes! CRYSTAL containers labeled with the ECOPAK® symbol are fully recyclable based on your city's recycling recommendations and, as in the case of the Sprays, disposable in biologically active landfills. Our 4 oz spray bottles labeled with the ECOPAK® symbol combine recyclable plastic polymers with a special compound that dramatically speeds up the degradation process while reducing its carbon emissions by 5%. When disposed of in a typical landfill, the packaging will break down in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional plastic.

Are CRYSTAL products tested on animals?

No. CRYSTAL deodorants have never been and never will be tested on animals. We are proud members of both Leaping Bunny and PETA

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship outside of the US at this time.
Return/Refund Policy
UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to current events and for the protection of all our customers and employees, we are not accepting any returns. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during this unforeseen time. However, we still want to hear from you! Please contact our customer service department at

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