Works up to 24 Hours

Because sometimes so do you.

Safe + Effective

Because we don’t formulate with parabens.


Because we test on people, not animals.

No White Marks

Because we care about your clothes, too.

Mineral Deodorant Stick<br><br><p>Unscented</p>
Mineral Deodorant Stick


Mineral Deodorant Roll-On<br><br><p>Lavender & White Tea</p>
Mineral Deodorant Roll-On

Lavender & White Tea

Mineral Deodorant Roll-On<br><br><p>Unscented</p>
Mineral Deodorant Roll-On


Mineral Deodorant Stone w/Dish<br><br><p>Unscented</p>
Mineral Deodorant Stone w/Dish


Mineral-Enriched Invisible Solid Deodorant<br><br><p>Freshly Minted</p>
Mineral-Enriched Invisible Solid Deodorant

Freshly Minted

Mineral-Enriched Invisible Solid Deodorant<br><br><p>Mountain Fresh</p>
Mineral-Enriched Invisible Solid Deodorant

Mountain Fresh

Underneath It All
Unlike antiperspirants, CRYSTAL™ deodorants don’t block the pores—allowing the body to function naturally. Odor is controlled and eliminated by natural minerals and other botanically-derived ingredients like Lotus Blossom and Orange Peel Extract.
Our Rock Star!
Forget everything you think you know about deodorants and get acquainted with this ‘hidden gem’. Less is more with this powerhouse odor fighter that contains ONE ingredient—Potassium Mineral Salt—to help prevent body odor, naturally.
CAUTION: Contents of this product can lead to serious CRYSTAL fever!