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Our natural deodorant products are sold in over 35,000 retail locations worldwide. Are they sold in your store?

Inside the United States. If you have a retail business or are a distributor, please consider stocking our award-winning mineral salt deodorant products on your shelves or including them in your catalogs. We support our products with national advertising.

Outside the United States. For retailers and distributors outside the United States, our products are available worldwide. Our labels can be printed with dual languages, English and either French, German, and Spanish. Other languages are available. Call +1 650/548.9600 to learn more.

Australia: Doward
Finland: Available online, visit Tuisa.
Hungary & Europe: Available online, visit Aphrodite.
Poland: Available online, visit Crystals & Cosmetics.
Russia: Available online, visit Medicatrade.
Ukraine: Available online, visit Mirt Group, Ltd.

D.Y.O.N International
2 Orchard Link, #02-25
Singapore 237978
Operating hours. Mon - Sun: 11 - 10
Phone: 6509 6003

Crystal also offers its unscented deodorants through Beauty Salons and Department Stores worldwide under the name Le Crystal Naturel®. Browse our online store.

For more information, please contact us at 650.548.9600 or send an email to

Crystal deodorant is the perfect natural deodorant choice for your store or catalog.