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How far would you go to avoid body odor? Read the results of the 2009 Body Odor Survey, the answers may suprise you >>

Why we did this survey: Message from our marketing guy

Hello Crystalians!

This past year, there were two stories that caught our attention. Perhaps you read about them. The first came out of the UK about a theme park that wanted to ban customers with bad body odor from their rides. read story > The second came just a month later, from Honolulu where the City Council was considering passing a proposal to ban bus riders if their body odor was too strong. read story >

Of course such stories are cannon fodder for late night talk show hosts and grizzled newspaper columnists. For us, it was cause for reflection. While most of us can put ourselves into the shoes of the "offended" those who have to smell the odor of others how many of us choose to put ourselves into the shoes of the "offender", the person who has bad body odor?

At Crystal, we're in the business of preventing body odor naturally. So, on the one hand, body odor is what keeps us in business. On the other hand, we understand how sensitive an issue it can be for those who have to fight it. In an effort to elevate the discussion, we hired a consumer research company to get some unbiased feedback on the topic from a few different angles. Some of the insights are pretty predictable: Obviously, people don't like body odor whether it's their own or that of someone else. But some of the findings were actually very surprising and even gut wrenching, when considering that some people do actually have bad body odor. For example, we were pretty surprised to learn that people would be willing to make some pretty significant sacrifices to avoid having body odor. After reading through the results, feel free to share your thoughts about body odor or the study. We've also included a full PDF of the study if you're interested in reading more. download PDF >>


Larry Friedberg
Vice President, Marketing


Download a pdf of complete survey >